Beamz by Flo

Interactive Music System

Regardless of your age or experience with traditional instruments, Beamz is a fun music making and music entertainment product for everyone to enjoy. Simply move your hands through the four laser beams to build amazing songs with a variety of instruments and melodies. Creativity never stops with Beamz. You make it what you want it to be.

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Beamz Laser Controller to connect to PCs, MACs, and iOS devices – it's a MIDI controller, too!
34 interactive songs



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Don't just listen to music – make it!

Playing music with Beamz brings family and friends together because everyone can contribute. By working as a team, you'll create melodies that are fun and energizing, making everyone young and old part of the sound.

Whether you're a gathering of music aficionados, pianists, guitarists, violinists or vocalists, Beamz can take your group jam session to the next level. Beamz can add in the beats, background and any additional instruments you'd like in the mix.

Creating music together will be fun and you'll all sound amazing!


Simple learning curve – just move your hands through the four laser beams to engage the pre-programmed and interactive songs. Each interactive song features up to 12 different instruments and effects. It's all setup so you'll sound great the first time and every time you play.

Diverse music & many opportunities for creativity - throughout the Beamz song library are hundreds of instruments and endless possibilities. No matter the music style you like, there's something for musicians and non-musicians to jump into and play.

Recording – save, share and show off your musical creations. Inspire your friends to join into the fun of making interactive music!

Compatible with:


OS 10.8x or later


Windows 7/8/10


3rd gen or later iOS6 or later

iPad Mini

iOS 6 or Later


4S or later iOS6 or later

iPod Touch

5th Gen or Later iOS6 or Later

What's Included in Beamz

The Beamz Music Library is amazing! Pop, rock, country, R&B, classical, heavy metal, dub step, jazz and more. You want it? We've got it.

The software that powers Beamz is easy to install into your PC or to download onto your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It's intuitive and simple to use.

The laser controller, our favorite part, plugs into any computer with its universal USB cable and uses bluetooth to light up the lasers to use with your iPhone or iPad. Everyone enjoys creating their own unique sound and songs simply by moving their hands!

Compatible Devices & Connectivity:

  • MAC computers running OS 10.8x or later; connect Beamz via USB cable to computer for power
  • PC computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8; connect Beamz via USB cable to computer for power
  • iPad 3rd generation or later hardware running iOS 6.0 or later; Beamz communicates to iPad via bluetooth connection; use provided USB cable with Apple power adapter
  • iPad Mini running iOS 6.0 or later; Beamz communicates to iPad Mini via bluetooh connection; use provided USB cable with Apple power adapter
  • iPhone 4S or later phone running iOS 6.0 or later; Beamz communicates to iPhone via bluetooth connection; use provided USB cable with Apple power adapter
  • iPod Touch 5th generation or later hardware running iOS 6.0 or later; Beamz communicates to iPod via bluetooth connection; use provided USB cable with Apple power adapter

Product Color: Black with silver trim and silver buttons

Product Dimensions: 25" x 8" x 6" (635mm x 204mm x 153mm)

Product Weight: 2.2 lbs (0.996kg)

USB Cable Length: 6ft (mini to B cable)

Device Type: HID/MIDI (switchable on rear panel of Beamz controller)

Laser Beams: 4

Laser Beam Color & Type: Red, Class 2

Buttons: 8

Button Functions:

  • Decrease/increase volume
  • Mute/unmute vocals
  • Song list advance backward/forward
  • Start/stop rhythm track
  • Start/Stop record
  • SWAP to activate another page of instruments (each song includes three "pages" and features up to 12 different instruments, effects and/or vocal music clips controlled by touching the laser beams)

"The beamz interactive music system is the ultimate toy that fits like a glove in functionality, popularity, and Creative playQuotient, especially with teens. Just imagine being able to command a group of instruments, pick up a beat, and mix that with a video from a famous performing music artist with a waive of the hands and a practically zero learning curve!"

-The Toy Man® Product Guide – 5-Star Rating & Seal Of Approval 2011-2012, Recipient of The Toy Man® Award of Excellence & The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award

"It's the perfect gift for music lovers, gadget geeks, and everyone in between…It's sure to get toes tapping, hands waving, and will bring smiles to many faces…"

"…it has got to be the coolest gift ever!…The amount of fun you can have is endless and honestly, it's quite addicting. Your kids will LOVE you if you do!"
-Tots to Teens Magazine

"Beamz by Flo is crazy fun…I can see this being a huge hit with younger kids and teens."
-The Unoffical Apple Weblog

"Fun For Everyone! This is a great family gift for those who like to rock out, do karaoke, and sing together as a family."
-A Year of Jubilee Reviews

"Tons of songs available to mix to your heart's content, and the ability to easily share your creations with your friends…you'll likely drop hours into mixing it how you like it…you get a lot of musical bang for your buck."
-Games Fiends

"Beamz is simply a delightful enjoyable instrument for anyone who wishes to tap into their musicial spirit."
-Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute

"Beamz is a completely new musical instrument concept that anyone can play; whether you're an experienced musician or a complete novice."
-Music Trades

"The Beamz lets anyone – and I do mean anyone – make beautiful music without having to read traditional sheet music!"
-Luxury Electronics

"One of the five coolest product at CES."

"The Beamz Player did a great job bringing out the hidden musician within me."
-One Momma Saving Money Blog

"This is like a big kid toy for us adults! Ok, ok… kids too I guess. It's so easy to play too and create great sounding music. My kids just love it… plus who doesn't like playing with lasers? This would make a great family gift or for any music lover in your life."
-Coupon Dad Blog

"Now, Beamz Interactive has invented a unique and state-of-the-art way for us to arrange, create and play music immediately, with no professional training or years of practice necessary! I have to admit that I have become absolutely addicted to my Beamz Player. It is just so cool to be able to effortlessly play a song which sounds so beautiful and in-tune, right out of the box. I also love how I can play some of my favorite songs a different way each time, so that when it's over, I just want to start over and try something else with it."
-Mommy Living The Life Of Riley Blog

"Promise you won't be disappointed with this one, not only will the family enjoy, if you plan on entertaining some guests at parties or just having friends over, this would be a wonderful entertainment to enjoy with the guests!"
-My Side of Life Blog

"My two children are in awe of this product. It inspires creativity on a level that appeals to children and adults alike, as the user-friendly design is certain to create a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation toward music. It is the first of its kind and will become one of those items that you are delighted to share with others! I especially like the fact that it is simple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for an expert musician to enjoy!"
-Critique of the Unique Blog

"I can see how older kids would REALLY get into this! I like that its something the ENTIRE family can enjoy – from 1 to 36 in our house – and with great music being produced, its hard to resist dancing to the music!"
-This Mama Loves Her Bargains Blog

Soft Travel Case

Softcase full 640 large

Store and travel with your Beamz by Flo in style. The soft travel case is custom made for the Beamz by Flo controller so you can take it to any of your friends and families gatherings. It's an ideal case for light travel needs, including storing in airline overhead compartments.

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What songs come with the product?

There are 34 interactive songs included with the Beamz by Flo product; you're started off with fourteen original Beamz songs plus twenty more interactive songs inspired by chart-topping artists, including signature songs from hip hop/pop artist Flo Rida.

Beamz interactive songs are not limited to just one music style or genre and include pop, rock, country, hip hop, r&b, jazz, classical…so you may play whatever music moves you.

Included interactive songs inspired by chart-topping artists include:

  • Billie Jean-Jam - Michael Jackson
  • Clocks-Jam - Coldplay
  • Country Girl (Shake It For Me)-Jam - Luke Bryan
  • Crazy In Love-Jam - Beyoncé
  • Firework-Jam - Katy Perry
  • Funkytown-Jam - Lipps Inc.
  • Just Dance-Jam - Lady Gaga
  • Last Name-Jam - Carrie Underwood
  • Raise Your Glass-Jam - Pink
  • Rock Your Body-Jam - Justin Timberlake
  • Rolling In The Deep-Jam - Adele
  • SOS-Jam - Rihanna
  • Super Freak-Jam - Rick James
  • Superstition-Jam - Stevie Wonder
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together-Jam - Taylor Swift
  • Without You-Jam - David Guetta
  • You Shook Me All Night Long-Jam - AC/DC
  • Club Can't Handle Me – Flo Rida
  • Laser Light Show-video – Flo Rida
  • Whistle-video – Flo Rida

How does it work? What is interactive music?

Beamz is an interactive music product that enables anyone to make music by moving your hands through laser beams with pre-programmed songs. Each interactive song has a background rhythm track which you start by pressing the play button on the Beamz controller; then each laser beam is setup to be a different instrument or sound effect. As you move your hand through a laser beam, you're adding that instrument into the playback of the song. The Beamz controller lights up 4 red laser beams, and each song has up to 12 different instruments for you to add into the playback of the song so there's lots of options for you to get creative making the music. The center button is a SWAP button for you to switch over to other instruments while you're playing a song.
Beamz also includes a recording feature so you can capture your remixes to playback for yourself or to share with your friends.

What is an interactive song? How are interactive songs different from songs purchased from iTunes or other digital download stores?

Interactive songs are made for you to experience music making and to alter the direction of an interactive song by your creative choices, whereas traditional music is published for you to enjoy just by listening or dancing to it. Making music with the Beamz is a dynamic, creative experience that enables anyone to make great sounding music. It's also a social activity that enables musicians and non-musicians to have fun making music together.