Beamz Professional Edition


The Beamz Professional Edition (Sole Source offering) is an interactive music system that is used in schools, hospitals, skilled-nursing and rehabilitation facilities internationally. Beamz help teachers, practitioners and medical staff deliver cognitive and physical protocols across disciplines. Beamz is also universally designed, meaning people of any ability can actively participate. It is designed in a way that if an individual needs to use a touch surface, mouse alternatives or adaptive peripherals, they’re covered. The Beamz Sole Source offering is distributed exclusively by Beamz Interactive and includes added song content from our Beamz Kids Collection.

What's included
In the package

Beamz Laser Controller

Beamz Cross-Platform Player Software for Windows, Mac or iOS devices (iPad/iPhone)

50 interactive songs featuring a broad representation of music styles, genres and instruments

21 additional songs from the Beamz Kids Collection

Activity Guide with sample activities for educators, therapists and professionals

Beamz Studio Software for editing and creating Beamz interactive songs (PC software)



An Interactive Music Experience That Enriches Learning and Promotes Healing

Beamz Interactive Music System is a universally designed laser controller that gives users of any age, physical or cognitive ability instant access to hundreds of musical instruments, sound effects and songs.

Beamz In Schools & Education

Transform your classrooms, pull-out rooms, community and before/after care facilities into 21st Century learning environments where knowledge acquisition, skill building and self-expression take place through music. Use an interactive whiteboard, touchscreen, computer or iPad and add mobility support through adaptive peripherals.

Beamz For Therapy & Rehabilitation

Imagine physical, occupational, recreational and neuro-therapy sessions where functional objectives are met by having fun and playing music!  Work on fine and gross motor skills or engage in brain games to maintain acuity or accelerate rehabilitation.

Compatible with:


Windows 7/8/10


3rd gen or later iOS6 or later

iPad Mini

iOS 6 or Later


4S or later iOS6 or later

iPod Touch

5th Gen or Later iOS6 or Later