Beamz Home Edition

Model: FAM-KIT

With its recreational music making orientation and universal design attributes, Beamz enables anyone to experience the joy and satisfaction of making music within just few seconds, regardless of age or physical ability – using music-making as the means for skill development, learning and therapy. It’s great fun for the entire family to play together!

What's included
In the package

- Latest Beamz Laser Controller; 50% faster than previous generation, new sensor capabilties for Outdoor Play and now iOS/MAC/MIDI/PC compatible
- New Application Features; Auto Record to MP3 and Vocal Muting option
- 36 interactive songs geared for families (see list below)
- A printed copy of the Lekotek Home and Family Play Guide, which comes with 10 games



Beamz Home Edition and Special Needs

Beamz Home Edition comes with 10 game-like activities created by the National Lekotek Center. These games target communicative, physical, social/emotional, cognitive and sensory skills. The games were developed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Physical and Intellectual disabilities so that parents could target developmental skills at home through play. By adapting these activities and selecting age-appropriate, Beamz Home Edition is the perfect solution for adults with disabilities too--spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries, ALS, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s and more.

Compatible with:


OS 10.8x or later


Windows 7/8/10


3rd gen or later iOS6 or later

iPad Mini

iOS 6 or Later


4S or later iOS6 or later

iPod Touch

5th Gen or Later iOS6 or Later