Universal Switch Interface



Beamz Universal Switch Box

The Beamz Universal Switch Box gives you access to Beamz Player Software like no other switch box on the market. With pre-mapped functionality you can enjoy playing the Beamz with any switch that house a 3.5mm jack socket. Pre set with 6 Beamz functions giving you access to 12 different instrument samples, page swap and start rhythm track you now have the freedom to create single or multi-user learning environments with next to no setup time. 

Continuous Button Press Feature

What’s special about the Beamz Universal Switch box is that it provides both continuous and single button press feature. This gives you complete control of the audio samples enabling you to play single notation or complete musical passages dependent on how long you to choose press and hold the switch. With the press of single button you can disable this feature and utilise Latch functionality. This enables the user to press the switch once to start the instrument sample and then press again to stop the Instrument sample.

Play Multiple Switches simultaneously

With the ability to play multiple switches simultaneously one player can access all four samples playing multiple switches. Alternatively you can split the switches between users to enable group play with each member of the band in control of their own switch/instrument.

Inclusive Music Making

You can also use the Beamz Universal Switch box simultaneously alongside alternative access methods including the Beamz controller, Eye gaze solutions and Touch Screens with each user controlling their own page of instrument samples. Playing in this way offers a truly inclusive music experience.

Use Beamz Universal Switch Box with other Switch accessible applications

Our Universal Switch box offers a secondary Mode set to work with third party applications. Simply press the mode button on the front of the box to activate the following secondary functions;

  • Space
  • Enter
  • Left Click
  • Right Click
  • Game 0
  • Game 1


  • Use with your existing switches (must have 3.5mm cable)
  • Windows and MAC compatible
  • Pre programmed Beamz functionality
  • Single and Continuous button press feature
  • Use Multiple switches simultaneously
  • Works alongside alternative access methods including Beamz controller, Eye gaze solutions, whiteboards.
  • USB Connectivity


Box Contents

  • Universal Switch Box
  • Manual