Virtual DJ Upgrade



Use Virtual DJ LE* to your Beamz controller to add a DJ element to your music making experiences using a tailored version of the awarding winning Virtual DJ software with a skin to match the unique Beamz laser controller. 

It’s easy to get started with the Beamz and to progressively master using multiple commands and effects to perform complex mixes, without having the burden to learn MIDI and/or memorize complex keystroke command sequences.

If you’ve ever used any free “home DJ” applications now’s the time to get yourself into a controller that’s easy to master and that frees you from the limitations of trying to mix just using a computer keyboard.

You’ll be amazed with the real-time loop playback adjustments you can easily make using the laser beams – and rapid cue points look awesome via tapping a red laser beam.

As you get better you’ll find it’s easy to pull your friends into the fun using laser beams to DJ.


*Virtual DJ LE software is for use with a MAC or PC computer